What are best practices for the Donate widget?

Intended Use –


This widget is meant to accept donations directly from the donor, rather than the nonprofit entering donations on behalf of the donor. We encourage our nonprofits to share their website where this widget is displayed to build their fundraising activity.


Please keep in mind, an employee of a nonprofit organization using the Donate Now button to process even one donation on behalf of a donor is not supported. Using the button in this manner exposes both the nonprofit organization and FirstGiving to a high amount of risk and can appear potentially fraudulent to our credit card processor, and these donations may be refunded to the cardholder without notice.




  • If the charity needs to process a credit card on the donor’s behalf, FrontStream provides a quick and easy solution using out GiftWorks platform. (


  • If the nonprofit does not wish to sign up with GiftWorks, then they are encouraged to direct the donor to their organization's website where this donate widget is displayed to make their own donation.
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