How do I charge fundraising minimums to credit cards post-event?

If you have enabled "enforced fundraising minimums" on your event at set-up, you have the option to charge the credit cards on file.  You will be able to review each fundraiser you would like to charge and the amount to charge them--up to the difference between what they raised and the minimum set.

This cannot be done until after your event date and fundraising deadline has passed.  Please be assured that no one will be charged without manually selecting them through this process.  Log in to your admin account and click on 'Events and Campaigns’

  1. Click on your event (You will want to make sure the dropdown menu at the top says “all events” so you can see past events)
  2. Click on ‘Supporters’ on the left
  3. You will be brought to a list of your registrants (make sure it says “registrants” in dropdown at the top, it will default to your donors)
  4. You can then (once the fundraising deadline id passed) click on the people who are short and edit the amount you want to charge them
  5. Finally, there will be an option that will appear at the bottom right of this screen that says “charge cards”

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