How do I edit my peer-to-peer event?

Once your peer-to-peer event has been created, you can go back and edit its content and settings at any point.  All active events will be shown under your Events & Campaigns tab within your nonprofit account.

The drop down menu at the top will allow you to search by active events or past events.  Click on the event you wish to edit.

Once you have selected your event to edit, you may the click the Edit Event link (located the the left hand side of the screen).

You will then be able to update any content, text, images or event settings.  Below you will see a short description for each field within the Peer to Peer event type editing screen.

Name - The name of your event.

Location - The location of your event. If your event is online only, we suggest entering the location of your nonprofit.

Multi-day Event - If your event is more than one day. You may then choose its start and end dates.

Start Date - If you have not chosen the Multi-day event option, this date will be the date of your event.

Fundraising Deadline - The last day that all personal fundraising pages will be open to accept donations.

Description - A description of your event.

  • This field is meant to have information typed into it. If you are copying and pasting information from a Word document or any other program, you will need to first paste the verbiage into the NotePad feature on your computer and then copy it and paste it into this description field. This will scrape all extra HTML coding from the original text that you have copied.
  • If you are receiving an error message that you have reached the maximum character limit, please consider removing any spaces, boldness, italicize lettering, and/or color from the description and this will lower the character count. The FirstGiving character counter counts the HTML coding behind each word

Participant Information -

  • Collect Only Basic Information will collect the name, email address, and mailing address of each registrant.
  • Collect Additional Custom Information will collect the name, email address, and mailing address of each registrant, along with the answers to any additional custom questions that you create. You may add a questions by selecting Add Question, or you may choose from an Existing Question.

Registration Options

  • Basic Registration - General registration with no types or registration fee.
  • Custom Registration - This will allow for you to create custom registration types (such as walker, runner, child, volunteer), implement a registration fee and/or a fundraising minimum (and amount suggested that each registrant fundraise on their personal fundraising page), and discount codes to waive any registration fee.

Discount Codes - Tip! Each discount code is only applicable to the registration type that you have entered it under. Please make sure if you wish to use one 'universal' code, that you add it to each registration type. Discount codes are case sensitive.

Registration Shut Off Date - The last day that a registration can register for your event. 

Custom Email Message - This message will be sent to each registrant as a separate email after they register. 

Landing Page

  • Show Fundraising Progress Bar - This feature can be toggled on or off.
  • Button Text - Choose want you want your register button to say.
  • Banner Image - The image that will appear across the top of your event page.
  • Images - Add images to your event page

Custom Giving Amounts - Set the giving levels you want displayed on your event and fundraising pages. Tip! A giving level of other will always be an option.

  • Standard - Use our standard giving levels.
  • Set Custom Amounts - Choose your own giving levels and add a description for each.

Team Fundraising - Toggle on or off the functionality of team fundraising. These features include:

  • Let Fundraisers Join Teams
  • Enable Team Captains
  • Let Fundraisers Create Teams
  • Require Fundraisers To Join A Team
  • Let Donors Donate To Teams

You can add a team by selecting the Add Team Now button. Tip! You can change a team name by highlighting the original team name within its field and typing in the new team name.

Direct Donations - Allow donations to the event. This will allow your event to accept direct donations. If fundraisers do not create a personal fundraising page, they will have the option to make a contribution to the event page.

Reporting Access & Management - Select your event restricted users to have access to this event's reports and information.


Once you are done making changes to your event, don't forget to Publish your changes.



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